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Starmark Swing 'n Fling DuraFoam Ball Dog Toy
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These dog balls are made from the same virtually indestructible patented foam material as the original Foam Balls and now...
Starmark Pro-Training Clicker
Rs. 1,200.00
Quality and performance driven products for your pet Tested for safety and health Scientific method of training your pet safely...
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Petarchi's Standard Wire Crates
Rs. 4,500.00
These wire crates are made of thin steel wires that are powder coated into black and blue colors. They key...
Starmark Swing n Fling Chew Ball
Rs. 2,750.00
Virtually indestructible dog balls designed for flying far and perfect for retrieval or tug of war games. Starmark Interactive Play...
Starmark Pro Training Collar
Rs. 2,500.00
This prong collar is used for gentle and effective control for obedience training This pro training command dog collar pronged,...
Starmark Fantastic DuraFoam Ball
Rs. 1,000.00
Soft, but extremely durable, the Fantastic DuraFoam Ball is ideal for fetching indoors and out, as well as in water....
Petarchi's Flight Crate
Rs. 10,000.00
This flight crate is great to train your pet as well as to travel with them. Its shell is made...
Euro Joe Dog Bite Cushion Pillow (Fluffy)
Rs. 3,999.00
Extreme soft dog bite cushion with 2 handles on small size and 3 handles on large size. This dog bite pillow...
Euro Joe Puppy Sleeve n°1, Jute & Nylcot
Rs. 7,000.00
Puppy Sleeve is a meant for working puppies. They are manufactured from strong yet safe materials for your dog like French...
ABC Sport Klin Puppy Tugs with Magnet
Rs. 4,000.00 Rs. 2,500.00
SUPER DURABLE & TEAR-RESISTANT - Our tug toy is carefully hand-made of the highest quality hose material to ensure that your...
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Euro Joe Puppy Wrap No. 1
Rs. 9,500.00
Puppy Wrap no. 1 is meant for young pups ; teaches them to open the mouth and allows them to "win" well on this...
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ABC Sport Klin Whip Tug
Rs. 2,950.00
SUPER DURABLE & TEAR-RESISTANT - Carefully hand-made of the highest quality French Linen to ensure that your dog will never...