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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Bite cushion (Original), Jute

Euro Joe Bite cushion (Original), Jute

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Wedge-shaped (or triangular profile) bitecushion in jute with 3 soft grips, thick padding. Extra layer sewed on with the harder versions. Can be caried around very easily as a prey! A very handy bitecushion that can be used for multiple purposes :

- Can be used for grip building

- As a reward from the handler

- Put it under the arm with the heeling exercise

- Stimulates a good, full grip through the ergonomic form

- Can be taken in different ways through the 3 handles

- As a reward after a good exercise

- etc...

Adequate for the training of all K9's in all kinds of K9-sports. Choose above whether you want the soft or hard version.

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