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Euro Joe

Euro Joe HiQ3 Bite Sleeve, Jute

Euro Joe HiQ3 Bite Sleeve, Jute

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This sleeve is slightly larger than the HiQ2 sport. In this way the dog is taught to be able to carry around a sleeve that already weighs a bit more on one side, and to be able to keep it in balance.

The HiQ3 Sport sleeve is ideal for teaching young dogs a good, full bite. This sleeve has a cover that is extremely strong and handles dog bites very well. 

The wedge-shaped bite surface is suitable for all breeds and encourages a full, strong bite.
The helper's hand is well protected because the sleeve is sewn shut. This prevents the dog from biting the helper on the hand.

On the inside, the helper has 2 handles, which give him the opportunity to grab the sleeve in the right way at the right time. This allows him to give the dog the feeling that he is stronger in a correct way and thereby boost the dog's self-confidence.
The sleeve can be used both left and right. For example, the dog can be trained on both left and right-handed helper workers.
Because the HiQ3 Sport sleeve is quite light, it can be given to the dog as a reward. The dog can easily carry the HiQ3 around, because it is a lightweight sleeve.

  • For a full, firm grip
  • Wedge-shaped: suitable for all races
  • Protection of the hand
  • 2 handles for well balanced operation
  • For both left- and right-handed helpers
  • Lightweight sleeve
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