Bite Pillow

Bite Pillow

Bite cushions are used to teach dogs how to bite well. At a later stage in the training, they also can be served as a reward for a desired behavior. An appropriate reward at the right moment is the most important part of dog training.

The dog will see the bite pillow as a prey and will develop more muscle strength by carrying it around. Some dog bite pillows have a wedge profile so they can be grabbed easily.

Our dog bite pads are mostly used for the training of sport dogs, service dogs, police dogs, military dogs, guard dogs, etc.

Select from our range of bite pillows as per the breed and size of your dog.

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ABC Sport Klin Bite Cushion Jute (Leather Layer)
Sold Out
Can be carried around very easily as a prey!  Jute pillow with a layer of leather sewed on top for...
ABC Sport Klin Tube Tug
Rs. 4,000.00
Designed for interactive activities, these tug toys are an excellent drive building tool.Made from top grade material which is both extremely...
Euro Joe Bite cushion (Original), Jute
Rs. 6,800.00
Wedge-shaped (or triangular profile) bitecushion in jute with 3 soft grips, thick padding. Extra layer sewed on with the harder versions. Can be...
Euro Joe Dog Bite cushion Original Nylcot
Rs. 6,900.00
Wedge-shaped (or triangular profile) dog bite cushion in nylcot with 3 handles and thick padding. Extra layer sewed on the harder versions.  Can...
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Euro Joe Dog Bite Cushion Pillow (Fluffy)
Rs. 3,999.00
Extreme soft dog bite cushion with 2 handles on small size and 3 handles on large size. This dog bite pillow...
Euro Joe Dog Bite Cushion Wedge, Jute & Nylcot
Rs. 7,999.00 Rs. 6,399.00
Wedge-shaped (or triangular profile) dog bite cushion in nylcot with 2 pipes and 1 soft handle to grip on Can be carried around...