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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Puppy Wrap No. 1

Euro Joe Puppy Wrap No. 1

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Puppy Wrap no. 1 is meant for young pups ; teaches them to open the mouth and allows them to "win" well on this soft puppy wrap. The no. 1 leg sleeve is used to teach pups and young dogs to bite on the right place and is easy to carry around.

They are manufactured from strong yet safe materials for your dog like French linen/Nylcot or Jute. Good for both - left and right leg and arm. This option helps your pet to get used to biting both hands.

  • Super light weight will make sure you will not get exhausted fast during training. The accessories are easy to clean, properly stitched to prolong their lifespan.
  • Sleeve for young puppies ; Helps in building the initial bites and also allows the pup to "win" on this very soft sleeve. Easy to carry around.
  • The no. 1 puppy wrap is always delivered with hook-and-loop closure!
  • The leg sleeve with the yellow ribbon.
  • This sleeve can simply not be missed in your collection !
  • Suitable for the training of Belgian ring, mondioring, KNPV, NVBK, campagne, PSA, police dogs, K9 dogs, military dogs and security dogs.
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