He is our senior quality check manager and the reason behind our existence. Big time foodie, ready to trade anything just for a tiny piece of chimken. Always up for adventures but prefers exploring at his own sweet pace. Complete mumma’s boy.

Living the best pet dog life one can possibly wish for. Eat. Sleep. Explore. Poop. Repeat


A complete goofball, always curious to do whatever her pack members are doing (both dogs and humans) Learnt most of the stuff from her elder brother and has an expertise in getting away with everything by just giving those big puppy eyes, no one can resist.

Some of extremely important things she learnt from Cooper is how to trick pet parents in getting whatever is needed, giving those puppy eyes for every bite the hooman eats, how to do happy dance when hooman is back home from work, to name a few :P

Nyx is currently pursuing advance level of obedience and is looking forward to enrol in a dog sport called PSA (American Sport). Wish her luck. You can follow our page on Instagram and Facebook if you wish to get your daily dose of entertainment.