Euro Joe Whip with Leather Rope, Black

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This waterproof whip can be used to challenge and to motivate the dog. You can mimic the sound of a revolver with this whip so you can prepar the dog to get used by this sound. As a result, the whip can be used for different disciplines . A few examples:

* For police dog training: the dog can come in defense mode.
* However in the IPO, the dog may not show any reaction to this sound.
* During protection work in Belgian, French and Mondioring, the dog must not release and show no fear.
The whip can also just be used to " wake up " the dog, to make sure he is challenged by the whip.
The whip is suitable as a training tool for Belgian and French mondioring, protection work , sport and service dogs and so much more .
The whip is 55 cm* long, the leather strap 50 cm* and at the end hangs the popper that creates the sound.
Please note that colors may differ from those in the picture .
* Quoted lengths are approximate.