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Our Story

Made out of sheer passion and love towards dogs, Petarchi is the brainchild of Srishti Sharma who is a registered Architect, certified canine trainer and behaviour expert. It was only because of her love for her first pet dog - Cooper, that she got into the pet industry with an intention to learn more about dogs, in order to ensure she can provide Cooper the best lifestyle. After seeing the difference with her own dog, she decided to share that knowledge further and help as many dogs and pet parents, working in the industry for about 4 years.

In 2019 she visited London to understand the European market and attend various seminars and workshops by some of the most esteemed professionals, recognized all across the globe. This made Srishti realize the absence of a range of high quality training based products in the country and how every trainer and dog enthusiast struggles to find good quality products that are extremely durable and sturdy, even with tougher breeds like Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd etc.

We are forever grateful for the amount of love and recognition we have received not just in our country but across Europe too, and are extremely proud to be the only official distributor in India for brands like Starmark(USA), Euro Joe(Begium) and ABC Sport Klin(Germany).

Hope to serve many more doggos and add some value to the relationship shared between dogs and their hoomans.

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Customer Reviews

Varun Gaba

I would definitely recommend Srishti to anyone who is looking forward to a good professional knowledge and experienced trainer. She is one of the very few trainers in the industry who treats the pet as her own.

Aditya Bugga

Srishti is warm and patient. An architect who leaves her lucrative profession to pursue her career in pet industry and is clearly passionate about it. This shows in her work and the products she makes. I've bought lots of dog accessories from her: different types of tug toys, storage shelves for storing all of my dog's products and even trained my puppy with her. I recommend her products and training services and have no problem if you want to call me to check for feedback.

Alpa Dedhia

We are very happy with Srishti's work with helping us create custom crates and agility equipment for our dogs. She designed various variants to suit our requirements and gave ideas to get our equipments and crates done within our budget. She has always exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with her.

Sri Vats

I came across a foam ball with rope and had ordered with Petarchi, which got delivered honestly in a very quick time even though it was a lockdown. The ball is hard and strong and gives a strong grip. Srishti was so kind and patient to answer all of my questions and guide me throughout. I would recommend their range of products anytime to pet parents looking to release their dog's energy. Worth the money!!


Pradipta Chandra

Kudos to Petarchi for doing a prompt job of sending me the Swing and Fling Chew balls, which reached me withing 3 days of ordering. Srishti, you have been great in helping me out choosing the right size and explaining the reason to choose so, thanks a ton. Would love to order again from you :)

Suman Sharma

Am really happy to have known Srishti and really impressed by her work. Passion and commitment are in DNA of Petarchi. Well done team. Keep up the good work. Wishing you all the very best.

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