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I came across a foam ball with rope and had ordered with Petarchi, which got delivered honestly in a very quick time though it was a lockdown.
Coming to the product - the ball is steady, hard and strong that however the pull is done while training gives a strong grip and firmness. I am really happy with the products. Service. Satisfaction.

I would recommend this anytime to pet patents/owners who wants to keep their dogs busy to release the energy as well.

Worth the money for the product.

Srishti was so kind and very knowledgeable and explained me the various and suggestions and many other aspects by explaining on all of the questions that was asked

Sri Vats

Kudos to Petarchi for doing a prompt job of sending me the Swing and Fling Chew balls, which reached me withing 3 days of ordering. Srishti, you have been great in helping me out choosing the right size (and explaining the reason to choose so), as well as helping me choosing the priority requirement given my budget. Thanks a ton. Would love to order again from you

Pradipta Chandra

Am really happy to have known Srishti and really impressed by her work. Passion and commitment are in DNA of Petarchi. Well done team. Keep up the good work. Wishing you all the very best.

Suman Sharma

Srishti is a life savior! My nine month lab bullies everyone at home. Srishti came in for a correctional training session yesterday and it gave everyone hope of an obedient dog. She has mastered the science of behavioral training and provided us a formula to not only tire out our dog mentally and physically but also make him a loving, family dog. I wish I had gotten her help as soon as I adopted my puppy so that I wouldn’t have to undo all the wrong things. Srishti is heartfelt, relatable, thorough and detail-oriented. She took extra time to answer all my questions and reassured our anxieties. Her tips are easy to implement and I don’t feel like a terrible pet parent anymore. She gave us a daily structure for our dog and told us the reasoning behind each reward/punishment, so we can make our judgements. She aimed to make me an independent and confident mother of an overly energetic dog. I wish srishti all the best and recommend her help to every new and old pet parent! She’s the best in the city! Her control over my dog was commendable!

Nikita Kohli

I adopted a retriever who was abandoned , he was my first dog and being depressed it was a struggle to handle him. I wanted help and tried many trainers but my search ended up with Petarchi. What I felt being associated with them cannot be put simply in words, they are the best. I got a proper guidance and assistance on everything related to my retriever Shaun. I whole heartedly thank them.
Keep up this wonderful job u are doing. Loads of best wishes.

Nonie Bahree

We are very happy with Srishti's work with helping us create custom crates and agility equipment for our dogs. She designed various variants to suit our requirements and gave ideas to get our equipments and crates done within our budget. She has always exceeded our expectations. We look forward to working with her.

- Alpa Dedhia

I would definitely recommend Srishti to anyone who is looking forward to a good professional knowledge and experienced trainer. She is one of the very few trainers in the industry who treats the pet as her own.

- Varun Gaba

Srishti is warm and patient. An architect who leaves her lucrative profession to pursue her career in pet industry and is clearly passionate about it. This shows in her work and the products she makes. I've bought lots of dog accessories from her: different types of tug toys, storage shelves for storing all of my dog's products and even trained my puppy with her. I recommend her products and training services and have no problem if you want to call me to check for feedback.

- Aaditya Bugga