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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Tactical Harness

Euro Joe Tactical Harness

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This adjustable dog harness has a handle on the back, which gives you the opportunity to quickly grab the dog, or possibly give it an extra support.
At the top there are 2 rings to attach the leash to, according to your preference, this can be at the front or back.
At the bottom there are also 2 rings, so that the harness can also be used to teach the dog to track.

There are several strips of Velcro on the harness, which gives you the opportunity to apply various name badges.
You can have this made with your own text.

The harness has strong closures, making the harness extremely suitable for dogs that have a lot of pulling power.
The strong safety closures must be operated on both sides to open effectively. So extra safe!
The harness can be opened at 4 points. If desired, you can completely disconnect the bottom from the top.
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