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Euro Joe

Euro Joe IPO Sleeve with Jute Cover

Euro Joe IPO Sleeve with Jute Cover

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Blue sleeve with sharp bitebar

The original "blue sleeve" !

You can choose between soft, hard or very hard :

The hard version of the IPO-sleeve, with sharp and hard bite bar is the ideal sleeve to train your adult dog. The hard bite bar is very good to train adult dogs. This is the sleeve that is often used on internationalcontests. Known by the best helpers for its high quality. Ergonomicly built for an as comfortable feeling as possible for both helper as dog.

Is used in the IPO-programm or GHP programm, also calledSchutzhund programm. Also for the training of police dogsmilitary dogspersonal protection dogsintervention dogs and other service dogs

The sleeve is created in the ateliers of Euro joe.

A left sleeve is for the left arm for right-handed people.
A right sleeve is for the right arm for left-handers.
Be careful when you make your choice between a right of left sleeve!!

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