What is crate training and how can it help?

What is crate training and how can it help?

Crate training is a process of forming a positive association with the crate to ensure that your pet sees it as a safe and comfortable space to rest in. 
Although many pet parents initially reject the idea of using crate for their pets, thinking that it is cruel to lock them up in it. But, if introduced and used correctly, a crate can have many advantages for both you and your pet.
A crate helps to satisfy the dog's natural instinct to be in a den for the following reasons: 
- whenever they need timeout 
- when they feel scared 
- when they are unwell 
- when they are tired or nervous 
If to be given a relatable example then consider crate as providing a private and safe place to your pet, much like a personal bedroom to a child. 
There are various benefits of using crate. Listed below are few of them: 
1. Toilet train the pup - using the right size crate can help to teach the dog bladder control. 
2. Prevention of destructive behavior - Prevents the pup from staying out of trouble when you are not around to supervise them. 
All the behaviors like chewing on to furniture, books, footwear and other personal belongings can be avoided if the pup is crate trained. 
3. Fixing separation anxiety -  crate training can be very helpful to fix separation anxiety in dogs by setting the right schedule and gradually increasing their time of staying inside all by themselves for few hours each day.
4. Making travel with pets much easier - taking your dog's crate along makes it much easier to plan a complete family vacation ensuring the safety and well being of the dog and hastle free travel for the humans. 
Note - Crate training if used humanely has a lot of benefits for both humans and dogs but before starting with it, one should ensure to get in touch with a trainer to help you with the structured schedule and steps that needs to be followed keeping in mind the breed, temperament and energy levels of your dog and to ensure your pet enjoys being in the crate, when needed.
Crate training does not mean locking up the dog for the entire day without meeting their requirements and as an escape to your commitment.
For further guidance on the right size, material and method on crate training, kindly drop us a WhatsApp and our expert will help you with the same.
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Happy Training!

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