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Petarchi Dog Training Skirt

Petarchi Dog Training Skirt

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Easy to Use, Easy to Move! This dog agility training skirt was designed with active dog trainers in mind. With two large front pockets and two large rear pocket, it can hold anything and everything you need for all your dog training. This dog agility training skirt is breathable and agile to make it easy to use.
It works great for agility training, nosework, obedience, rally, and even a walk around the neighborhood with your best friend. 
The high quality construction will not be easily beat up by a jumping dog who is anxious to get their treats! The multiple different pockets allow for you to easily bring all the different training and reward tools your dog needs for a great agility training session: a ball, frisbee, lots of treats - don't pick, take them all! There are also designated pockets for your keys and cell phone to keep them secure and out of the way.
  • Comfortable, breathable fabric that is rugged, durable, and water & stain resistant
  • Large, deep pockets that hold treats, toys, tennis balls, even frisbees (in the rear pocket), so you can choose a variety of ways to reward your dog during training
  • Holds a lot of treats - this treat bag will outlast your training session, with a capacity of more than 2 cups of treats!
  • Pockets designed to hold your cell phone, car keys, or other important items so these items are kept safe, allowing you to focus on your dog
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