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Carrying additional stuff while on your nice, relaxing walk with your dog can not only put a damper on your adventure, but it also keeps your hands busy when you could be doing something far more worthwhile – like taking cute sausage dog snaps for your dog’s Instagram feed!

There are a few common places to attach a poop bag holder, rather than having to hold it, and these include his leash, harness, your belt loop, or a backpack.

Fits regular-sized bags

Most dog poop bags are the exact same size, but watch out for a poop bag holder that requires specific bags. Some companies make their bag holders fit a different sized bag or roll so that you’ll be forced to buy replacements from them.

Soft material

Nobody wants to hear that annoying sound of a hard poop bag dispenser hitting against your dog’s leash or harness. Not only is the sound incredibly irritating, but if your dog carries his own poop bag holder and decides to run off and play with his friends – the hard material of the holder could give him quite a knock, especially if he’s a smaller pooch.

Easy Dispensing

We’ve all been in that annoying situation where your dog does the deed and then you see an acquaintance heading over for a quick chat. What do you do? Do you leave the poop there? Of course you don’t, you’re a responsible dog owner after all – the only option is to deal with the doo-doo as quick as possible and for that, you’ll want a super speedy bag dispenser!

Material: Rubber
Color: Brown
Size: 9x5x8cm