Euro Joe DS3 Bite Sleeve

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The DS sleeves are replacing the older RX-sleeves, a series of very popular, high-quality sleeves.

DS sleeves can be worn on either the left or right am, and are slightly shorter and lighter than the RX sleeves. This gives the user more mobility, and lets the dog bite more from the side rather than the front.

This sleeve is excellent for stationary barking, and can be given to the dog to reward him after a successful exercise.

The number 3 sleeve is has an additional red strap on the inside (picture 3). A long leash can be attached to this strap. If you then give the sleeve to your dog, you can then guide it as it walks around, to make sure he doesn't shake the sleeve like prey. This helps him develop a dry and focused bite.

This sleeve comes with a cover included. This cover includes a hook-and-loop closure, with which you can hide the screws holding the cover in place. If the cover ever wears out, you can simply order a new one. No need to buy a whole new sleeve!

An excellent sleeve for more experienced dogs, and an indispensable tool for any club!


  • For more experienced dogs
  • Length: 51cm
  • Replaceable cover included
  • Mobility
  • Compact
  • Reward after exercise