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ABC Sport Klin

ABC Sport Klin Bite Cushion Jute (Leather Layer)

ABC Sport Klin Bite Cushion Jute (Leather Layer)

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  • Can be carried around very easily as a prey! 
  • Jute pillow with a layer of leather sewed on top for the dog to grip on
  • Used for slightly advanced dogs who have worked on jute and nylcot material before and have a decent understanding of bite work and gripping on various surfaces
  • A very handy bite cushion that can be used for multiple purposes:


- Stimulates a good, full grip through the ergonomic form

- Can be held from different sides through the 3 handles provided

- As a reward after a good exercise

Perfect training equipment that is suitable for all working breeds.

Bite pad made of jute with leather 28 x 15 cm

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