Euro Joe Bite Leather Rag, Blue/Grey, Medium

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  • Biteleather for young dogs, small or large. 
  • Ideal to teach pups and young dogs to bite.
  • Because it is made out of leather, the dogs need to bite with full grip and hold on to it, otherwise it will slip out because it is too slippery to hold. 
  • By turning and swaying and swinging the biteleather around, the hunting instinct of the dog can be channelised, and so will the pup's interest to bite on it. 
  • Handle is provided for the handler to grab easily and can also be attached to a stick or a whip to make the pup hunt the biteleather. 
  • The large one can easily let multiple pups bite at one time. For young pups this is ideal, because in group they are always stronger! 

Medium - 46cm

Color - Blue